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The film “Between two homelands “ travels to England

orchistra souvlakiThe Christos Karakasis features documentary film “Between two homelands “ travels to England. The screening in Edge Hill Univesrity will take place on december 12 time  13:00, Lecture Theatre, Creative Edge Building , Edge Hill University. Edge Hill University is based in North West England, between the cities of Liverpool and Manchester just outside the market town of Ormskirk. Organized by Yiannis Koufonikos, Lecturer (Media Department)

"Between two homelands" that tells about a Greek immigrant, Ilias Missyris, who moved to Finland and how he adjusted to Finnish way of living. He discovered in Finland the Finnish-Greek poster between two homelands associations, Greek music and that way felt more strongly his Greek identity and a new kind of patriotism. He felt often homesick for the country he wasn't staying at the moment (of his two homelands) but gradually the longing for the other started becoming weaker and he enjoyed his life wherever he was.

Director Note
The idea of making a documentary about people who have found another home began many years ago. When I met Ilias I immediately wanted to do a documentary inspired by his life. What moved me was the fact that Ilias’ journey had started for him when he was 7 years old. The truth is that during the film process we, the creative team, we all entered an inner journey stage.After this inner jouney of ours we ’ve become much better people and I wanted to share this feeling with as many as I could. After this journey we are simpler, more conscious seekers of beauty of life and human relations, and our thoughts are far richer!he excellent text written by the author Vasiliki Kappa was born as a synthesis of lyricism and philosophical thinking.  Vasiliki has followed this journey of self-awareness, as we all did, and thus we essentially achieved to capture the something that makes a project special; to be simple, to be about human nature and enable us to think about tomorrow, while building the present, currently living in today, and critically looking back at yesterday!

Ilias Missyris Note
I have been co-operating with Christos Karakasis for over 5 years after he participated in the Wildlife Vaasa Festival back in 2006. He’s a tireless worker, an asset in the area of culture and arts in Greece, a remarkable director, filmmaker ,and a very succesful organizer of major events. Above all, he’s a good person and somebody who can be trusted to put his every effort into a project.As for “Between two homelands,” it all began in October 2010, when Christos asked me to give him an interview for his website. Six months later, in April 2011, we  met up in Athens to shoot a television episode from his Blow-up TV series, along with the lovely and multi-talented artist and writer Vassiliki Kappa, who wrote the fantastic narrative texts of the film. We agreed to cooperate on a festival level during the 1st Digital Short Film Festival that they organized in July 2011 in Athens, and after we finished with that, Christos suggested we make a long documentary film about the two homelands .The main reason that I didn’t hesitate to tell my story through his film was the fact that it had good potential to reflect other similar stories of people like myself, all ”children of diaspora” living around the world, between two homelands. Furthermore, I thought that the messages and the emotions that come out of this film could touch the Greek souls of the audiences

Between two homelands
Screenplay-Direction Christos N. Karakasis
Cinematography Ilias Missyris,Christos Karakasis,Arttu  Kotisara,Eero murtomaki ,Ari  Valkola, Juhani  koivusaari
Text-Naration Vasiliki Kappa
Music  composition  Moles Band , Souvlaki  orchestra
KOYINTA Production

Christos N. Karakasis was born in Athens. He studied Film-Theatre-TV Direction, Computer Science, Music and Humanities. He has Postgraduate Diploma in training and development, and  Post graduatee diploma in film and theatre direction .He has supervised, technically supported and produced various audiovisual events, presentations, adverts, video art projects, festivals.As a Director-Producer he is active since 1992. His films have been screened in Greece and abroad and have been awarded in international film festivals. He is a member of the “Greek Directors' Guild .He is the Artistic Director of “ATHENS INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL FILM FESTIVAL” (, which achieved alignment of the cinema reality in Greece with the major international developments in the Cinema era, which is steadily moving towards the Digital Age. He is the Artistic Director of the “INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE AND ECOLOGICAL PANORAMA”, which contributes to the dissemination of science through the power of new media and digital technologies currently used by scientists around the world. He is the writer of a book titled “Introduction to Cinema” which can be helpful to all aspiring filmmakers, but also to those who want to study in a direct and concise manner the art and technique of filmmaking. arthrography at  filmmaker and koyinta art emagazine.

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